What is my CO2 contribution?

See2 will help you to understand your emissions

Start to contribute to the reduction of CO2 in the world today

How you Benefit

Your personal CO2 consumption

Your personal contribution to the reduction of CO2 in the world today.

Challenge yourself

See2 tracks your performance so you know your contribution to reduce CO2.

Challenge others    

Challenge friend & family and beat your own expectations.

A personal, simple and fast way to reduce CO2

Compute your personal CO2

If you measure you know. By 2030 we need to reduce our carbon footprint by 49%. That means we have to get going and going fast. Only by knowing what you consume today you can start reducing. See2 helps you to realize these goals.

Share your experience

We need to create a common mindshare about the current status of our carbon footprint and how to reduce it.  See2 allows you to create your own community. You can invite others to participate as well and become a true advocate of carbon reduction. And only together we can make it!

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@ Image courtesy Unsplash: Annie Sprat & Geran de Klerk