Our motivated team

Jos Dikhoff

I feel responsible. Responsible for what we leave to the next generation. How do we live our lives and planets and do our children pay the price for what we do? So See2 for me is a major step in the awareness of what we produce and how we can reduce. And if you do not start because you think you have no impact, your are wrong, simply deadly wrong, actually.

Michel Tossaint

I am an Earth Observations Satellite engineer which has seen the impact of fossil fuel burning on the state of our Planet. We need to act fast and with the right priorities. For ourselves. For our kids. For our nature. See2 will help to achieve that. Try it.

Andreina Romero

I am a firm believer in the power of communities to achieve a NZE world. As an operational strategist in the energy industry, I have lived and worked through the changes towards a more sustainable society. As an individual, I am convinced we must cooperate. And now. At See2 we set actions to connect and empower you to reach these goals.

Paul Berger

I am a sustainability enthusiast. I was the former PE investment director @ CVC Capital Partners. Currently I am the medtech scale-up CFO at ZorgDomein. In my free time I am a enthousiast amateur drummer.

Carolien Sinia

I am a dedicated marketing specialist with a passion for outdoor activities and nature. I enjoy the freedom of being outside in the forest or sea. That's why I think we should take great care of our planet.

Camille Gardenier

I am a specialist in user experience design with an emphasis on behavioural changes. I have a great passion for outdoor activities and try to be as enviromentally clean as possible. I think See2 will be a great way to help.

Nout Koelewijn

I am a student of informatics with a passion for personal computing. I believe that it is paramount for our future to have a  planet which is healthy, with a clean air and thriving life. I am the test manager of the See2 app.

Esther Tossaint

I am an amateur photographer who loves to photograph nature.  From the smallest insects  to our beautiful forests. The more I am spending time in nature, the more aware I am of the beauty of it. We need to preserve this and I really think See2 can help all of us with this.


We are always looking for people to join the team. Please send us a mail.

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Since 2014, Dutch Coding Company has been a fast-growing software developer for web & app. From their head office in Eindhoven, they serve customers throughout the country. They work with their customers to deliver successful custom apps and web applications. 

We are always looking for people to join the team!

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